Dirty Biology

The X-Rated Story of the Science of Sex

Léo Grasset, Illustrated by Colas Grasset, and translated by Kendra Boileau

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182 pages
6.75" × 10"

What is sex? Has it always existed? What purpose does it serve? Why are there penises and vaginas? These questions are at the very core of Dirty Biology, an erudite (and hilarious) graphic novel that aims to teach you everything you wanted to know about sex—and then some.

“Sex” can mean a number of things. It can refer to sex organs, to sex types, to the act of copulation, or to the simple exchange of genetic material. This book explains what we actually mean when we talk about sex and reveals a wealth of astonishing scientific details along the way. For example, did you know that some species can have sex without genitals? And when it comes to genitals, did you know that there’s an amazing diversity of these across species? From the evolution of penises and vaginas to far-fetched mating rituals and the shocking consequences of the sex act, Dirty Biology exposes sex for what it is: a lot more interesting and more complicated than the simplistic image we often have of it.

Léo Grasset (scripter) has advanced degrees in evolutionary biology and organismal and ecosystems biology. In 2014, he began to make humorous and educational YouTube videos about biology. An English translation of his first book was published as How the Zebra Got Its Stripes: Darwinian Stories Told Through Evolutionary Biology. Colas Grasset (artist) has collaborated with his brother Léo on several episodes of the YouTube program DirtyBiology. He blogs about his work at http://hou-bim.blogspot.com.